Message from the Principal

 Mrs. Hope Morgan

We are cognizant of the challenges we will continue to face as we seek to mould young minds in achieving the highest level of personal development and academic achievements.  We will therefore be relentless in our pursuit to produce young people whose qualities will be worthy of emulation and who will develop competencies and become critical thinkers, contributing positively to a better society.

I use this opportunity in my capacity as Principal to pay homage to the Ministry of Education, Board of Governors, both past and present, past principals, teachers and other categories of staff, parents and all other individuals and organizations who have worked assiduously in contributing to the development of this institution over the years. 

 Ms Petora Mitchell

Principal's Secretary

The Staff of Lacovia High School

Shift A Staff Members (Team Leader, Ms Claudette Dunkley)

Shift B Staff Members (Team Leader, Ms Jennifer Blackwood)

 Administrative Staff Members

 Ancillary Staff Members

The Lacovia High School staff seeks to maintain an environment that is conducive to student learning and fosters high quality education and school spirit to improve psycho-social behavior by providing a clean and comfortable physical surrounding that engages all in the overall academic learning experience.