Lacovia High School has undergone several transitions since its inception in 1970 to the present, moving from junior secondary to secondary, comprehensive high and now to its present status of a high school. These changes brought their own challenges; foremost among them is the increased enrollment with limited space. However, despite these challenges the institution has cultivated a rich tradition in education. Students have excelled academically, performing creditably in external examinations. Students have also excelled in extra-curricular activities including 4-H, DaCosta Cup and Science Competitions.

As we celebrate our 48th year of existence; we can boast of a number of growth and achievements.

The student population now stands at over 1645, with students coming from almost every community in St. Elizabeth and the neighboring parishes of St. James, Manchester and Westmoreland.

A supportive and dedicated Board of Governors.

An academic staff complement of over 73 highly trained and diligent teachers on two shifts.

A competent administrative and ancillary staff

A school equipped with modern technological gadgets, efficient laboratories in science, food and nutrition, Visual Arts, a reading Laboratory, Math Room and English Room and a farm adequately equipped to hone the skills offered in Agricultural Science.

These are geared towards helping our students maximizing their true potential and making noteworthy imprints in the educational landscapes.

Another significant achievement is in the area of academic performance. Almost all the CSEC subjects are offered and we continue to outperform some of the well-known schools with students obtaining up to 10 CSEC subjects.