Ministry of Education

A customer-centered, performance oriented education system providing globally competitive, socially conscious Jamaican citizens.

Lacovia High School

To make Lacovia High School a choice school in the 21st century delivering quality education through a variety of techniques; optimizing human resources whilst being socially aware with strong spiritual and moral values to function efficiently and effectively in a global competitive economy.


Ministry of Education

To provide strategic leadership and policy direction for quality education for all Jamaicans to maximize their potential, contribute to national development and compete effectively in a global economy. 

Lacovia High School

 To create and sustain an improved school and community environment through the implementation of a structured programme which encompasses academic, technical, social and cultural development.  


The objectives of the school are as follows:

1.  To provide and implement a curriculum that exposes all pupils to a comprehensive knowledge of various academic courses, career choices, sporting opportunities and training in physical education.

2.            To inculcate in the mind of each pupil the notion of private and public morality, personal and cooperate integrity so critically important for character formation.

3.            To inculcate in all pupils the worth of self respect and respect for their neighbour, community, persons of different social, political, religious and cultural preferences.

4.            To empower all pupils with practical and technological skills that will enable them to function in a global economy where skilled workers are in demand.

5.            To produce graduates who will use their acquired knowledge and status to promote the obvious and salient truth evident in our nations Motto, Anthem and Pledge.

6.  To produce graduates who are equipped with the relevant practical and academic expertise that will earn them a place in local, regional and global institutions that offer tertiary levels of education.


7.            To foster among students an appreciation for the work and effort of service clubs and non-profit organizations and the discipline they instill in others.