From its inception to date, Lacovia High School has had eight Principals:

 MRS. HOPE B. MORGAN - 2010 APRIL 30, 2018

Mrs. Hope Morgan, took up the mantle as Principal in September 2010 and is committed to continue with the transformation of the school. She demitted office in April 30, 2018

Mrs. Ruby Whyte - 2003 - 2010 

In 2003, Mrs. Ruby Whyte took over as principal and together with a dedicated staff, continued to make strides in positioning Lacovia High School on the Map.  Mrs. Whyte demitted office on September 1, 2010, placing the mantle upon Mrs. Hope Morgan.

 Mr. Curlew Williams 1996-2003

In September, 1996, Mr. Curlew Williams assumed responsibilities for the school and as a stalwart; he continued to play his part in the development of the school for seven years.

 Mrs. Marjorie L. Samuels (Acting) 1994-1996

Mrs. Marjorie Samuels in 1994, acted for a brief period and did an excellent job.

 Mr. Moses L. Dodd 1985-1994

1987 welcomed another principal in the person of Mr. Moses Dodd. He too continued to build and ran, with vigour, that leg of the race before handing over the baton to Mrs. Marjorie Samuels.

 Mr. Alfred J. Farquharson 1977-1985

In 1977 the leadership was taken over by Mr. A.J. Farquharson, who did not hesitate to build on the strong foundation laid by his predecessor. As in all organizations managers come and go.  

Mrs. Vidina M. Falconer - 1970 - 1977

On the first morning, the founding principal, Mrs. Videna Falconer, with a staff of 16 teachers, began the task of establishing the school. 900 students drawn from 6 feeder schools, namely Lacovia Primary, Holland Primary, Slipe Primary, Newton Primary, and Park Mountain Primary were Registered. The school has gone through several transitional periods as it seeks to align itself with the traditional high schools Lacovia Junior Secondary, New Secondary, Lacovia Comprehensive High, and presently, Lacovia High School.  After seven years of the school’s establishment, the founding principal, Mrs. V.M. Falconer.