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"Through Toil to the Stars"

"Lacovia High School, "Soaring Higher, in Unity"


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Welcome to Lacovia High School. I am extremely proud and honoured to serve as Principal and cherish the opportunity to assist in the development of our most precious resource - our children.


Lacovia High is a school with a rich tradition deeply rooted in scholarly academic performance and fortitude in sporting disciplines. Our students are our most important stakeholders and the Board of Management, parents, staff and community join in partnership and work in harmony to ensure that all children succeed irrespective of age, gender or socio-economic background.

Mr. Ricardo Bennett

To our new students and parents, I am thrilled that you have chosen to become a part of the Lacovia Team; working together I am confident that we will not only meet but exceed your highest expectations.

Our school motto “per ardua ad astra”, whose English translation means “through toil to the stars” acknowledges the importance of hard work, dedication to duty and steadfastness in spite of the many challenges that will beset us along life’s journey.

At Lacovia High School we seek to develop students who:
• Possess strong academic ability • Exhibit exemplary deportment • Display good conduct • Show diligence in work
• Maintain good personal relationships • Represent the institution well in public • Balance academic with co-curricular

  activities (well rounded students)


Special thanks to the hardworking staff members of Lacovia High School who continue to prove daily that with God all things are indeed possible.

Lacovia High School "Soaring Higher in Unity"

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Mrs. Jenieve Denton


Ms. Pamela Lodge



Allenson - Moriah Annottie

Anderson - Dennis Delleta

Bailey - Maye Tresha

Bailey Jemielia

Bailey Kedesha

Barton Davian

Clayton - McLeod Annalee

Daley Lateisha

Elliott Joyette

Ellis Georgia

Ennis Kamille

Kerr Shantel

Goodin- Robinson Sedonia

Goss Terry

Hanniford Howard

Hewitt - Jemeison Sashine

Jones Chadron

Ledgister Kurt

Lewis Eric

Miller Yitsak

Morgan Melisa

Morgan Tamara

Nelson Anthony

Orridge Susan

Palmer Caroline

Powell Jennifer

Reid Mark

Ricketts-Reid Norvene

Salmon Dwight

Salmon Mark

Salmon Peter

Sinclair-Schlieffer Samantha

Smickle Ann Marie

Tennant Andrew

Tomlinson Alexis

Weller Odinga

Wheatley Javon

Williamson - Dixon Debbie

Johnson Shanika


Anderson Donnaree

Bailey Oscar

Beadle Maxine

Blackwood Peter- Ann

Braham Terry- Gaye

Bromfield Jonnakay

Comrie Fritz

Cowan - Salmon Onella

Dickens Kabitha

Edwards-Blake Shernette

Forbes-Jameison Sabrina

Foster-Rowe Annette

Foster Delone

Genus  Dacia

Grant Janet

Hart Ayesha

Hewitt-Robinson Samantha

James Kimderlin

Larmond Lareece

McFarlane Deita

Parchment Margaret

Porter- Salmon Shalia

Powell Jacob

Powell Shanelle

Samuels Jerome

Samuels Shamoya

Sinclair- Powell Sashia

Smith Kevin

Stewart Shari- Ann

Wainwright Andre

Stephenson - Wallace Rose

Wright Felisa

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