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"Through Toil to the Stars"

"Lacovia High School, Soaring Higher in Unity"

Lacovia High School participates in a number of inter-school competitions annually and has won several of them repeatedly.  


Clubs or societies plays an important part in the students’ school life which caters to their growth and development. Existing clubs and societies at Lacovia High school include:


Debate Club

Healthy Lifestyle Club

Science Club

• School Choir

• Cadet Corps

• Girls Guide

• Inter-School

• ChristianFellowship (ISCF)

• Mathematics Club

• Dance club

Lacovia High School advanced in the past to the third round (top 16 schools) in the TVJ’s Schools’ Challenge competition. This is one of the performances that has drawn positive eyes to the school, with the expectation of nothing short of the best. 


The participants of these competitions are born out of the many clubs and societies which are available at the school.

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